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About: Discover More About WPWebWhizz and Your Winning Path

Hi, I’m Marty, but my superhero name is WPWebWhizz!

I started WPWebWhizz with the aim of sharing my extensive knowledge and experience in WordPress, website building, digital marketing, and SEO. With over a decade of involvement with WordPress and over half that time immersed in the world of digital marketing, I’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge that I’m eager to pass on to others. While there are undoubtedly experts out there with more knowledge, I’d like to think that I’ve also achieved a level of expertise in my own right.

Marty WPWebWhizz Winning Path

My journey has taken me through diverse freelance roles, from content creation to managing SEO strategies. This versatility has enriched my understanding of the online business ecosystem and provided the flexibility to adapt my work style to accommodate health challenges.

Throughout these years, I’ve contributed to numerous websites, some of which attract millions of visitors monthly. Most of my writing has been behind the scenes, as a ghostwriter for various brands and publications, and has covered an array of topics – from web hosting to mental health, SEO to creative writing. Despite this wide range, my passion has always centered around WordPress, blogging, and monetizing online content.

As my health journey continues, my love for freelance work and the fantastic clients I’ve had the privilege to work for remains unwavering. However, looking towards the future, I’ve had to consider a path that ensures my ability to share my knowledge without the constraints of a 40-hour work week.

Expanding Beyond WordPress and Website Building: WPWebWhizz to Winning Path Web Whizz

In the quiet hours of the night, battling another bout of insomnia, a lightbulb moment occurred. The answer to my future could lie in the very knowledge and passion I’ve cultivated over the years. The blog I’d started, WPWebWhizz, could be more than just a repository for my insights – it could be a platform to help others navigate the intricacies of online entrepreneurship and empower them with the transformative possibilities of AI.

So here we are, on this newly broadened path. WPWebWhizz now exists not just to guide you through WordPress and website building, but also to illuminate the broader context of online business. From digital marketing to leveraging AI tools, I’m excited to share everything I’ve learned and continue learning. Welcome to your Winning Path.


Yes, WP Web Whizz does contain affiliate links – but I’ve made a conscious decision to only work with brands that I trust and I’ll only recommend products that I’ve tested out myself. My goal is to grow this website into a source of passive income for my future – while sharing my knowledge and expertise with you. Clicking one of my affiliate links costs you absolutely nothing (guaranteed!) – and I can even get you access to exclusive deals and discounts.

Popular Content on WPWebWhizz

I’ve added a selection of my most popular content below – check it out, and for more of my content, visit my Blog page.

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