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How to Uninstall WordPress on Hostgator in Simple Steps

Deleting WordPress from Hostgator can get a bit tricky if you’re not familiar with the process. To do so, you must know the right steps to follow so that you don’t end up making avoidable mistakes.

This post offers you a beginner-friendly guide on uninstalling WordPress on Hostgator in just a few minutes.

Step-By-Step Instructions on Uninstalling WordPress From Hostgator

Removing WordPress from Hostgator isn’t challenging if you follow the process below. There are two methods of uninstalling WordPress – the automatic method and the manual method. I recommend you use the automatic method as it’s the easiest, but the manual method works equally well.


Make sure to back up your WordPress website before you continue on with uninstalling WordPress on Hostgator to keep your data safe and avoid any future troubles.

Now that you have a data backup, we can proceed with the steps to remove WordPress from Hostgator.

Automatic Method to Uninstall WordPress

Time Needed : 10 minutes

Uninstall WordPress from Hostgator: Simple Method

  1. Back up your WordPress website fully.

    You must have a full backup of your WordPress website before you remove WordPress from Hostgator (or any other hosting provider.)

  2. Log in to your hosting account and open cPanel.

    You can use this link to log directly into cPanel with your Hostgator login credentials

  3. Open the Softaculous app installer.

    With Softaculous, you can easily remove your WordPress installation (but remember that the process is irreversible!)

  4. Locate the WordPress website you want to remove.

    If you just have a single WordPress website, this will be simple – if you have more than one website, then make sure to select the correct website!

  5. Click the red delete icon to begin the automatic removal.

    automatically uninstall WordPress using softaculous

  6. Click to check all three boxes on the next screen to fully remove WordPress from your hosting.

    Fully remove WordPress from your hosting account.For full uninstallation, you need to remove the database and directory. Then click the ‘Remove Installation’ button to complete the process.

  7. Confirm you want to fully remove WordPress

    A red warning window will pop up. Click OK to proceed with removing WordPress. That’s it. You’re done.

Manual Method of Uninstalling WordPress (10 Steps)

The manual method is more complex but is the only way to uninstall WordPress if you haven’t used the Softaculous app installer to install WordPress on your website. Follow the 10 steps below to manually remove WordPress from your hosting account.

#Step 1. Open the Hostgator cPanel page and log in to your account. After successfully logging in, select the “Files” tab under the “Websites” section.

Login to Hostgator to Unistall WordPress

#Step 2. Click on “File Manager” and open the folder named “public_html.”

Find the public html folder to uninstall wordpress

#Step 3. Now look for your WordPress domain name. Open the folder and select the wp-config.php file from the list.

#Step 4. Select “Edit,” and a “Text-Editor” pop-up will appear on the top right.

#Step 5. Press the “Edit” button at the bottom right of the pop-up window and search for your database name.


Please make sure you remember or copy the database name to use it in the further steps.

#Step 6. Click the “Select All” button and then hit the “Delete” key to proceed with the deletion process.

#Step 7. Now, open the Hostgator cPanel page and navigate to the “My SQL Databases” section.

delete the database to uninstall WordPress

#Step 8. Scroll down to see a list of your databases in your Hostgator account. Enter the database name you copied earlier in the search bar and press “Go.”

#Step 9. To delete the database, click the “Delete” button next to its name.

#Step 10. Finally, scroll down to the “Current Users“ section and delete the user from your database. Congratulations, you have successfully deleted WordPress from Hostgator.

Why Uninstall WordPress From Hostgator?

There may be multiple reasons for you to uninstall WordPress from Hostgator, but here are the three most common reasons that people generally have:

  1. To start a new installation. You can follow the steps above to uninstall WordPress from Hostgator and install a fresh copy.
  2. To use a different website builder – If you’re looking for a new website builder, we highly recommend Weebly for its easy-to-use tools and customizable templates.
  3. To use a different web host – Looking for a new web host? We recommend using Hostinger, Cloudways, or Kinsta for their quality hosting service at affordable prices.

Final Words

Uninstalling WordPress from Hostgator will barely take 10-15 minutes. So, follow the steps above and remove WordPress. With that said, we’ve reached the end of the guide and wish you a fast and error-free WordPress uninstallation process.

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